Why You Should Listen To Your Body

Posted on September 27, 2017

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How do I know when I need a massage?

You know that achy pain you keep getting on your neck? Or how sometimes you have to almost literally have to peel your shoulders down from your neck when you wake up in the morning? A lot of times many of us don’t really pay attention to these signs that our body is giving us. It is crying for help, so listen to your body. A couple of signs that might help you determine if you need a massage would be:

  • You’ve been getting headaches
  • You don’t have full range of motion
  • You don’t get enough sleep
  • You are stressed out
  • You have pain in your neck (or back, or shoulder, or hip)
  • You haven’t had one for months or years

There’s many factors that contributes to your body being in pain. Pain is your body’s way of communicating to you that something is wrong. The busier we get, the more we tend to ignore our body’s signals. You don’t want to ignore your pain or your injury could get worse. So schedule a massage as soon as you can and make it a habit. The most common recommendation for a massage would be once a month. What are you waiting for? Thank your body for all it has done for you and all you have put it through.

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