Navigating Stress-Related Skin Issues

Posted on February 20, 2024

Stress is a common and constant occurrence to us all– whether it results from work, domestic problems, or personal predicaments, stress has a way of negatively affecting the health state both mentally and physically. A very common misunderstanding is that stress affects our mental health only, yet in actuality, it can have severe implications for the skin. Skin diseases triggered by stress are becoming a common health problem among many people today, making it more crucial than ever before to understand the link between physical and mental states.

Impact of Stress on Skin Health

In a state of stress, the body starts producing cortisol, which is also known as “the stress hormone”. Cortisol, in small doses, can be useful. However, when our bodies are exposed to prolonged stress, cortisone levels become unbalanced and may lead to skin disorders.

Stress causes muscle tension which may cause one to make facial expressions repeatedly, thus resulting in lines around the eyes over time. Wrinkles that are formed due to stress tend to be deep and sometimes cannot even respond fully when treated with topical treatments. It is here where wrinkle prevention treatments like Botox or Dysport can step in.

In elevated levels of cortisol, there is increased oil production in the skin causing it to be clogged up which will lead to breaking out. Furthermore, stress can reduce the strength of our immune system which in turn makes it difficult for us to get rid of bacteria responsible for acne. Usually, acne-prone skin can be addressed with regular treatments on a dermatological level such as facials; however, stress management is the key to a long-term remedial strategy.

Stress Management Solutions

Although we cannot entirely do away with the stresses in our lives, it is possible to control them well so that their adverse impact on the skin does not occur. Managing your stress may involve:

  • Relaxation activities such as meditation or yoga
  • Engaging in a favorite pastime activity, and of course
  • Taking short breaks while at work to relax
  • Sufficient sleep
  • A healthy diet

Make sure to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night to allow your body to rest and repair itself. Practicing and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits is pivotal for the significant and overall reduction in stress.

Professional Treatments

Apart from avoiding stress through healthy living, there are several measures, one can opt for specialist procedures as a remedy for these sorts of dermal deterioration due pitching high in level anxiety. The treatment that we offer revives the general status of the skin and restores the normal skin tone. Each professional treatment at Dominion MedSpa is personalized to the patient– to get an understanding of your unique plan, you can schedule a consultation.

Where to Seek Professional Help

One of the key indicators of physical and mental health is good skin color, a stable mind, and personal development. If anyone suffers from a stress-related skin condition, our team at DWH Health & Wellness Med Shoppes Westgate, situated at 11739 W Broad St in Ridge VA 23250 can help. To experience lasting relief from stress and reverse its physical effects, schedule your consultation via our online contact form or by calling the office today.

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