What is Diamond Glow Dermal Infusion?

Diamond Glow is a skincare treatment that simultaneously produces the benefits of three different professional techniques. This technology can exfoliate, extract, and infuse at the same time, ensuring the skin is healthy, clear of debris, and infused with

an active serum at the exact moment of exfoliation, before the skin’s healing response can begin. Diamond Glow can be customized to your skin’s exact needs, including effective serums for anti-aging, hydration, acne, and pigmentation. These serums are delivered where your skin needs it most for a deep treatment that can boost your skin’s natural healing response, volumizing and rejuvenating dry or aged skin.

How is Diamond Glow Done?

Diamond Glow begins with gently cleansing the treated skin. Then, the patented handpiece is applied to the skin, which produces gentle suction to pull the skin into the handpiece where it can be exfoliated and extrac

ted. This technique can be adjusted to your skin’s unique needs for greater or lesser abrasiveness during the process. Simultaneously, your chosen active serum is infused within the exfoliated skin during the small window before your skin’s wound healing process begins. This guarantees effective absorption so that your skin gets the active ingredients it needs.


This three-in-one treatment does not require any downtime but can cause some redness at the treatment site. Diamond Glow can be performed on many different areas of the body that are prone to rough, dry skin like the face and neck, hands, upper chest and back, and sensitive areas like the lips and eyes. Most patients notice instant brightening and volumizing results after one 30-minute treatment session, but still opt to undergo a series of treatments as a regular part of their skincare regimen.

Our expert providers can recommend the best in skincare treatments to suit your skin and your aesthetic goals, so contact our med spa to schedule an appointment and learn more about Diamond Glow. We offer effective skincare solutions to patients in the Richmond, Virginia area.