Now Introducing: DWH Skin Care Products

Posted on November 15, 2017

For gorgeous, healthy skin, treatment must extend past the med spa. That is why we offer a variety of products to help you keep your skin healthy while at home. In addition to  the great existing product lines we currently carry, we have recently added a few essential products of our own!

Brighten Up Pads

Many of us are self conscience of unwanted pigmentation, but are also hesitant to use harsh products on the skin to achieve results. Brighten Up Pads are ideal because they can be customized by your skin care professional. When used alone, the pads contain kojic acids, antioxidants, and botanical ingredients to brighten your complexion. Depending on your needs, your aesthetician can add variable strengths of hydroquinone to boost your results to diminish pigment. Brighten Up Polish

Although we love gentle acids for exfoliation, sometimes you just can’t replace the feel of a physical exfoliator. This exfoliator brightens and evens out the texture of the skin without irritation. The scrub formula is rich in antioxidants and glycolic acid to help soothe the skin. Most skin types can benefit from a gentle scrub once or twice per week.  This works great for your face and body.

Body Refine Cream

The skin from the neck down needs love too! Many of us are not as diligent with taking care of the skin on our body and as a result have dry flaky skin. The Body Refine cream is a multi-tasking body moisturizer that hydrates, nurtures collagen production and elasticity for firmer skin. By using a multitasking body lotion you will quickly notice smoother, firmer, softer skin.

Zen Skin Mist

The Zen Skin Mist is one of those products that you’ll want to have everywhere: your vanity, handbag and in the office. The Zen Skin Mist soothes and moisturizes the skinwhenever you need it. Whether you are setting your makeup first thing in the morning, or if you need a quick “pick me up” later in the afternoon, this all natural mist is gentle enough to be used multiple times per day

Stop by DWH Health & Wellness MedSpa today to try some of our new products. They are guaranteed to become some of your skincare favorites!

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