Getting a Lash Lift: What to Know Beforehand

Posted on September 19, 2023

Looking for naturally curled and defined lashes? A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that curls your natural lashes, giving them a more defined and open look. The results of the lift can last a couple of months, but your results really depend on your lash growth cycle and how you care for them afterward.

Thinking about getting a lash lift? Here are some things you should know beforehand.

You Should Avoid Wearing Mascara or Curling Your Lashes Before the Appointment

You want your lashes to be completely clean for the lash lift. Any residue from makeup or other skincare products can interfere with the results of your treatment. Refrain from using any oil-based products on your eyes or face, as they can prevent the chemicals from adhering to your lashes properly.

Once your treatment is complete, you can start using your favorite mascara again. Mascara can add more thickness, color, and length to your treated lashes. Just be sure to use a water-based formula and remove it gently at the end of each day.

Be Prepared to Lie Still for About an Hour

The lash lift process involves applying three different solutions to your lashes, with each one needing to sit for several minutes. The entire appointment should last about an hour.

During the process, the technician applies a perming product to the base of your lash line to help reshape the lashes. Once the lashes are properly curled upward, your provider will add a neutralizing solution that helps lock in the curl. Finally, they will condition your lashes to help keep them soft and strong.

You will have to keep your eyes closed and lie still for the entire duration of the procedure. Some people find this relaxing, while others may feel bored or restless. Consider bringing some headphones or ear pods to listen to music to pass the time.

Return To Your Normal Routine

Once your lash lift is complete, you are free to go about your normal routine. However, you should avoid getting your lashes wet or applying any products to them for about 24 hours. This downtime allows the chemicals to fully settle in, preventing any curl damage or lash drooping.

You should also avoid rubbing, touching, or sleeping on your lashes, as this can cause them to lose their shape. After a day or so, you can resume your normal routine, but it’s best to use a gentle cleanser and avoid oil-based products on your eyes.

The results of a lash lift typically last for four to eight weeks. To maintain the results, you will need to continue getting lash lifts.

Schedule A Consultation

If you would like to learn more about a lash lift, scheduling a consultation with DWH MedSpa is a great first step. Our licensed and experienced estheticians can help you enjoy the look of your lashes, even when you are makeup-free.

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