What is PelleFirm?

PelleFirm is an FDA-approved device that uses radiofrequency energy to tighten the skin. The treatment is completely noninvasive, offering patients a solution to their skin laxity with no incisions, injections, or downtime required. With PelleFirm, patients can tighten the skin on their abdomen, arms, above the knee, thighs, and buttocks as well as temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Who can Benefit from PelleFirm?

With age, the body begins to produce less and less collagen, the key to strong, youthful skin. The skin can become lax due to other factors like pregnancy and weight loss. Patients can benefit from PelleFirm to address mild skin laxity on the body with no surgery required. Those with more severe degrees of skin laxity might benefit more from a surgical procedure.

How Does it Work?

PelleFirm uses a combination of radiofrequency energy and a special massaging handpiece to firm the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. By heating deep layers of the skin, PelleFirm stimulates new collagen, leading to stronger, smoother skin with reduced cellulite. Patients report their treatment feeling like a warm massage with no discomfort involved. A series of biweekly treatments are recommended, with touch-ups every 6 months or as needed.

After treatment with PelleFirm, there is no downtime required, so patients can get right back to their normal routine. Some mild side effects like redness and swelling might be present for several hours after treatment. Over the next several months, with optimal treatments, patients can begin to notice improved skin elasticity for a more toned appearance. Touch-up sessions are then recommended to maintain these results.

To learn more about PelleFirm and to determine if you are a candidate for treatment, contact our office at (804)447-2303 and schedule your consultation at DWH Med Spa.  Pellefirm skin tightening treatments start at $500 per area.