Our medical spa at Dominion Women’s Health offers its patients in Virginia Beach caring and experienced aestheticians. We listen attentively to every patient in order to understand their needs before developing a customized treatment plan that best suits their aesthetic goals and helps them achieve the desired results.

You can benefit from our medical-grade peels and facials or choose injectables that reduce fine lines and wrinkles. With our personalized treatments, you can get the required treatment for whatever skin issues you are struggling with. We are dedicated to creating the perfectly customized treatment plan for you.

Skin treatments

Genetics, aging, or exposure to the sun bring about changes to the skin which make you look older than you feel. We can help you achieve a radiant complexion which reflects your energy and health. You can benefit from the range of skin treatments we offer in order to give you an even and beautiful skin tone which makes you look as good as you feel. Skin issues like acne, rosacea, scars, and stretch marks can be easily dealt with using our medical grade peels and laser treatments. Our patients in Virginia Beach can choose from the following skin treatments:


Our center also offers the latest in injectables which help you deal with aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines, and volume loss. Our aestheticians are experts in the field of cosmetic dermatology and are aware of the large amount of neuromodulators and fillers available for each patient, depending on their individual needs. Our team knows how to optimize the effects of these treatment options and help you achieve natural and beautiful results. Here are the injectables you can choose from:

Cosmetic dermatology procedures

There are several cosmetic procedures we offer to help our patients in Virginia Beach refresh and rejuvenate their skin with a natural and healthy glow. Once we understand your skin concerns like body toning and unwanted hair or uneven tone, we will customize a treatment plan for you and your specific requirements. Our treatments help you restore a youthful and supple skin. The treatments you can benefit from include:

About Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach is a coastal city in southeastern Virginia which lies where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. There is a 3-mile boardwalk which stretches along the beach-lined oceanfront. It is home to more than 210 city parks covering more than 4000 acres; each of these parks is unique and offers something for everybody, from wide open spaces to picnic shelters and ballfields. You can see the Mount Trashmore Park clearly from the I-264 when you travel to the oceanfront. The park is 165 acres and features Lake Windsor and Lake Trashmore. Another major park is the Great Neck Park located in the Lynnhaven district. You can also visit the Pleasure House Point and the Naval Aviation Monument Park.

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