6 Benefits of a Photofacial

Posted on January 10, 2023

woman getting a photofacial

Are you bothered by an uneven skin tone and haven’t seen results with over-the-counter products? If so, an IPL photofacial may be an effective solution! Read on to learn more about the benefits of photofacial treatments and how they can transform your skin.

What is a Photofacial?

A photofacial, also known as intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, is an effective treatment option to eliminate sun damage, rosacea, brown spots, and broken capillaries for a  more even skin tone. It works by emitting multiple wavelengths of light energy into the skin, heating and breaking down unwanted pigmentation, which is removed naturally by the body.

What to Expect During Treatment

For at least two weeks prior to your photofacial, it is important that you avoid sunbathing and tanning beds, chemical peels, waxing, and collagen injections. You may also be asked to avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin before treatment.

During your photofacial, your medical provider will use a handheld device to deliver the light therapy. You may experience a mild pinching sensation, which some say feels similar to an elastic band being snapped on the skin. We apply a cooling gel to help with any discomfort. The number of treatment sessions needed to achieve optimal results will vary depending on a variety of factors. We will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan.

There is no downtime needed following treatment. However, you may experience redness or swelling, which should resolve within 3-8 hours. Avoid putting on makeup or lotion for at least 24 hours after treatment.

Benefits of a Photofacial

Combats Skin Redness

If you have rosacea or other skin conditions that cause skin redness, IPL therapy may be a great solution! This treatment works by reducing redness in the skin and targets specific areas for a more evenly toned skin tone.

Reduces Hyperpigmentation and Sun Spots

IPL photofacials are effective options for reducing various signs of skin aging, such as age spots, sun spots, wrinkles, and more. This treatment targets the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production to improve the appearance of pesky lines and wrinkles.

Controls Acne Breakouts

IPL treatments can also help to control unwanted acne breakouts! Those with severe acne who experience inflammation and redness can be eliminated with IPL treatment. It can also help to reduce the appearance of large pores.

Quick and Easy Treatments

Photofacial treatments only take about 15-30 minutes to complete, which makes them great options for those with busy lifestyles. There is also no downtime needed, so you can return to your regular activities right away!

Can be Combined with Other Procedures

Because IPL photofacials are safe and effective, they can be combined with other skincare treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and other treatments that target the outermost layers of skin.

Affordable Treatments

Many skincare treatments can be costly, but IPL treatments are more affordable than laser resurfacing options. Plus, with long-term results, this treatment is worth the price.

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