How to Prevent Dry Winter Skin

Posted on December 10, 2020

When the full force of winter begins, it instinctual to start worrying about your skin. Winter can damage your skin, making it itchy, dry, and irritated. Even the things that make winter memorable, such as attending outside barbecues and sitting by a roaring fire, can have detrimental effects on your skin.

How Does Winter Dry Your Skin?

Some of the things we perceive to be right for our skin might actually wreak havoc on it. For example, taking a hot shower seems like a great way to warm up in the cold months, but hot water makes your skin dry by stripping it of its natural oils. Additionally, experts believe that the human skin becomes thinner and dryer with age, making it prone to scaling, itching, chronic dryness, and cracking. Dry skin occurs when the epidermis weakens by age or when environmental factors damage it.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to combat dry winter skin and keep your skin supple and feeling moist throughout the season.

Here are six hacks to keep your skin feeling moist during the winter season.

1. Cover Your Skin When in The Cold

Arm yourself with gloves, scarves, and hats during winter. The winter cold combined with wind can take a toll on exposed skin. Additionally, it is imperative that you put on natural materials like cotton, because synthetic fabrics can irritate and itch sensitive skin, making it dry in the long run.

2. Limit Shower Time as Well as Temperature

During the cold season, an extended steamy shower feels great, but you could be hurting your skin. Instead, take a lukewarm shower for no longer than 10 minutes. Also, don’t wash your hands with extremely hot water. Washing hands in warm water is equally effective in eliminating germs and is less irritating to your skin.

3. Moisturize Regularly

Remember to moisturize your skin after washing up. To maintain healthy glowing skin, choose a cream or ointment that works best with your skin. Regular lotions are effective, but they are better used in warmer climates. Moisturize your hands after each washing to prevent skin cracking. In addition, put on waterproof gloves when cleaning your house or when washing dishes for extra protection against harsh soaps and chemicals.

4. Eat Right and Drink Plenty of Water

The most effective way to avoid dry skin during winter is to mind what you eat and stay hydrated. If you have dry skin, eating foods rich in omega 6 fatty acids or omega 3, such as flaxseed oil and fish oil, can help soften it. However, you will need to supplement the right diet by continuing to moisturize the skin from the outside.

5. Use Gentle Cleansers

Using harsh soap can worsen the condition of dry skin. For instance, many standard bar soaps may contain irritating fragrances and ingredients. If standard soaps are making your skin itchier, switch to fragrance-free moisturizing gel or cleanser. Go for products labeled as  “fragrance-free” because some products may be unscented but still contain fragrances.

6. Lower the Thermostat

When it’s chilly and frigid outside, it’s tempting to set high temperatures. But extreme heat makes the indoor air dry. Set the thermostat to comfortable temperatures to maintain healthy skin.

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